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Welcome to Glenburnie School

Glenburnie School is recognized as a leader in progressive and innovative education. We strive to meet the academic, social, and individual needs of today’s students, who are encouraged to achieve at their own personal best.

Children today are being raised in a much different world than their parents. It is critical to their future success that they develop strong 21st Century skills which include leadership, analytical thinking, personal, and global awareness.

Glenburnie’s dedicated, passionate educators provide an exceptional academic education for their students, which incorporates a strong arts programme, (instrumental music, visual arts, drama), and an expansive sports programme, (varsity and intramural activities).

At Glenburnie, we actively integrate current brain‐based research in quantum physics and the neurosciences, to provide an optimal physical and educational learning environment. Studies in economics, emotional intelligence, De Bono’s analytical thinking, and enriched education begin in Pre‐Kindergarten and are integrated throughout our curriculum up to, and including Grade 8.

We celebrate the many achievements of our students, as partners in their education. Students find the learning challenges at Glenburnie to be intellectually stimulating, fun, and personally rewarding. Glenburnie graduates are welcomed and excel at any high school of their choice, locally, nationally, and internationally.


Success After Graduation

At the University level, our graduates traditionally choose to pursue degrees in business, law, medicine, science, and technology. A few of our graduates have also found success in the arts and in entrepreneurial endeavors.  We welcome students who need to be engaged in their learning, and who are capable of achieving so much more! We welcome parents who are seeking more than a traditional education for their children. The excitement, energy, and high sense of community are apparent the minute one enters through Glenburnie’s front doors. The Glenburnie School experience provides students with a solid foundation of well developed academic, organizational, and interpersonal skills which will last a lifetime.

We warmly invite you to visit us at Glenburnie, and to discover how an effective 21st Century School can meet your child’s social, intellectual, and academic objectives. Schedule a tour today.