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Try Different!

When children are unhappy, unchallenged, or perhaps struggling at school, they are asked to ‘try harder’.  When they are already putting forth their best effort, harder might not be the answer.  Perhaps the solution is to ‘Try Different’.

For students who are finding that they are unable to achieve better results, something has to change if there is to be change.  Try switching the approach completely, which could result in: same student, same effort, and improved results.

‘Try Different’ – Consider Glenburnie School.

Glenburnie’s passionate educators focus on the end result in education, including the development of effective 21st Century skills: Critical and Analytical skills, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence Awareness, Intellectual Curiosity, Oral and Written Communication skills, Economics, and Global Awareness.  Classrooms are viewed as creative workplaces, where students are supported and encouraged to apply their newly learned concepts, skills, and ideas in practical applications.  Student creativity, innovation, and progress are celebrated, which in turn increases their sense of self-worth and self-esteem.  When a learning environment is creative, stimulating, and challenging, exciting things happen!

Students today have great ideas and they desire to have active input and choice in their educational experience.  They are bright, intuitive, imaginative, and often very creative.  Children of the 21st Century seek truth and effective tools to prepare them to become leaders in tomorrow’s world.

Linda Sweet  M.S. Ed.
Founder and Director, Glenburnie School
Pre-School to Grade 8
Providing a progressive and innovative private school education