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Changes at Glenburnie

We are pleased to welcome Mrs Perugini as the new owner of Glenburnie School. Keep reading for all the exciting changes.




Thank you, Mrs. Sweet

The founding of Glenburnie School has been a remarkable journey for Linda Sweet. Since 1985, the continuing objective has been to offer families an exceptional educational alternative in an innovative and progressive learning environment, truly reflective of the current needs of today’s children.

Over the years, Glenburnie has seen more than a thousand young students pass through its hallways – some for a few years, and countless others for their entire elementary school education. Glenburnie can be very proud of the many ongoing successes of its students, and the support of all the parents; many of which have become an integral part of the legacy and traditions at Glenburnie.

Mrs. Sweet has always been very appreciative of the wonderful work of the passionate Glenburnie staff, along with the association with numerous professional educators who embraced our educational philosophy over many years. After 33 years of total “Glenburnie Immersion”, she now looks forward to exploring the next stage in her educational career and to further expand her educational vision to a wider community of educators. The Glenburnie Community wishes her every success and much happiness.

Welcome, Mrs. Perugini

From the moment she entered the foyer of Glenburnie years ago, Mrs. Perugini sensed the energy of a special learning community. She discovered that much of what Glenburnie values is compatible with her personal philosophy of education.

As a high school English teacher and Vice Principal with the Peel District School Board for nearly two decades, Mrs. Perugini has had experience leading a comprehensive network of educators in Gifted Learning, Alternative Education, and the International Baccalaureate. She’s also had the privilege of working with different cohorts of students. In fact, the founding of Walden International School in 2014 was inspired by her various teaching experiences and the vision to transform aspects of education. Together with committed Glenburnie faculty and staff, she anticipates a successful and exciting transition to furthering the current educational experiences offered to students.

She looks forward to getting to know the Glenburnie families, continuing Glenburnie’s traditions for excellence in education, and embracing many years of working and learning together.