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Kindergarten dramatic activity is integrated with the Language Arts Programme, providing students with additional opportunities to acquire new language, use body movement to assimilate new ideas from previous experiences, and develop and extend imagination and empathy.

In consultation with our Drama Specialist, our kindergarten teachers incorporate drama as a vehicle in the development of confident oral language skills, and the application of co-operative problem solving skills.


The Primary Drama Programme provides students with the opportunity to explore and take risks in developing oral and visual communication skills. Individual and team activities explore and develop concepts as: verbal and non-verbal communication, identification of emotions and the development of empathy, identification and reflection of main concepts in story-lines, and thematic activities.



The Junior/Intermediate Drama Programme  challenges students to explore and to take risks with a variety of effective communication techniques to enhance both their academic and social skills. Older students enjoy communicating through detailed movement and expression, to create a mood or feeling through their language and thought, to listen and reflect on peer presentations, and to reflect upon and respond to their own efforts.

Junior and Intermediate students experience opportunities to develop effective debating and public speaking skills, both in Drama classes and in conjunction with core subject activities such as: project presentations, current events, oral speech festivals, and student government representation.