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Technology plays an integral part in the classroom presentations and activities at smart boardGlenburnie School. Students have access to a wide range of technology to enhance their learning; computers in the classroom, computer labs, Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, SMART boards, Sphero robots, and Google Apps for Education.

Students begin IT training at the Preschool level, working on their basic skills, such as mouse control, clicking on and dragging objects, and keyboard familiarity.

Students in the Primary grades explore math concepts and basic word processing techniques. Students learn how to combine text and graphics in a document. Additional emphasis is placed on typing skills, use of the ‘home row’ keys, and correct finger placement.

Basic control (robotic instruction) is introduced with ‘BeeBot’ and ‘Roamer’ robots using an interactive, procedural language. Artistic computer application is also emphasized in the younger grades, exploring both the application of software tools and practicing various art techniques.

Junior students continue to apply and refine their skills as well as work on additional software. Presentation software is explored through the use of slideshows and video presentations. The advanced features of word processing and spreadsheets are practiced when reviewing and editing their work, and creating tables and formatting pages. Coding is further explored through the use of Scratch and Sphero robots. Typing skills are developed, focusing primarily on accuracy and later developing typing speed. Students also focus on developing both an insight into the parts of a computer, as well as how various technologies work.

In the senior grades, emphasis is placed on project based simulations. In computer classes, students integrate concepts from other subject areas to expand their knowledge. Modeling environments, using MinecraftEdu, gives a unique insight into how games can be integrated into the classroom to further enhance problem solving skills and learning. Typing skills are further developed, through continued use of Typing Pal.

At all grade levels, students are taught about digital literacy and citizenship through the Commonsense Media Curriculum; learning how to become safe, responsible, and savvy technology users, identify the potential risks, understand copyright restrictions, empathize with others, and how to respect each other’s privacy as well as their own.