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Community Outreach and Service

Glenburnie School is recognized for its strong community spirit, both within and beyond the school boundaries. Glenburnie students, across all grade levels, are provided with a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise their leadership skills. These opportunities include representing their school, promoting environmental awareness, and supporting community events and charities. Students are encouraged to ‘find their voice’ and are supported in their efforts to make a difference in their world. At Glenburnie, we take great pride in the tradition of enthusiastic school spirit, good citizenship, and supporting our community.


G.S.G. (Glenburnie Student Government)
Students from Grades 4 to 8, who are interested in assuming one of the leadership roles in the Glenburnie Student Government, present campaign speeches to their peers. Once elections have taken place and the G.S.G. is established, the group meets once a week, to plan activities that focus on promoting school spirit, addressing issues, and raising funds for charities in the community and abroad. The G.S.G. is guided and supported by members of the Glenburnie faculty. G.S.G. events include food and toy drives, dress-down and spirit days, dances, and more. All endeavours are initiated with the intention of promoting Glenburnie School spirit and community awareness.

OELC (Ontario Educational Leadership Centre)
At Glenburnie School, students in Grade 7 who demonstrate strong leadership qualities throughout the year are nominated by their teachers to attend the OELC Camp. The Ontario Educational Leadership Centre has been offering leadership programs to students since 1948, providing unique opportunities to develop and enhance personal and leadership skills. Courses focus on a variety of areas of interest including fine arts, music, athletics, diversity education, student government, and environmental advocacy.

In Grade 8, Glenburnie students who attended the OELC Camp, are given opportunities to further develop their leadership skills, in their particular area of interest, by the teacher who nominated them. For example, if a Grade 7 student excels in leadership in an athletic capacity and attends the OELC Camp, the nominating teacher will give him/her the opportunity to coach a sports team in his/her Grade 8 year.

Academic Amigos 

‘Academic Amigos’ is a buddy system that provides older students with a wonderful leadership opportunity. Primary students are paired up with an intermediate student, giving them an instant role model. The students work collaboratively to problem-solve, read challenging texts, and complete hands-on activities that would traditionally be teacher-led. Older students learn patience, understanding, and become more empathetic to the needs of others. Younger students gain a sense of greater independence, and look to their older buddy for guidance.

Colour Team Captains
Colour Team Captains are elected by the student body to act as leading representatives for one of the five Glenburnie School Colour Teams. Interested students campaign by delivering speeches to their fellow Colour Team members. Following the elections, Colour Team Captains initiate fundraising projects for the selected charities they would like their team to represent. Students earn points for their Colour Team in a variety of ways such as: academic successes, various achievements, and random acts of kindness. The Captains announce the totals of points earned at our monthly assemblies and share other Colour Team news with the rest of the school. As visible leaders and role models within the school community, Captains are also responsible for leading school-wide pep rallies and spirit days, demonstrating kindness, tolerance, and respect towards all. Colour Team Captains are guided and supported by members of the Glenburnie faculty.



Ontario EcoSchool Gold
In May, 2012, Glenburnie was audited by Ontario EcoSchools and was awarded the GOLD level of certification.  We have been a gold certified school ever since.

Glenburnie’s Green School Programme challenges everyone to become a greener and more environmentally conscious school community. Other initiatives that the school has undertaken to reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth, and become more environmentally conscious, include: recycling programs, Pay It Forward projects, integration of our Greenhouse and vegetable garden with curriculum studies, tree planting day, lights & computer monitors off program, garbage audits, ‘Boomerang Lunches’, and, of course, having earned and maintained EcoSchool status.

Adopt a Trail/Outdoor Education  -  Joshua Creek and Marshlands
Glenburnie is involved in a four-way partnership with the Town of Oakville, Conservation Halton, and Ducks Unlimited Canada. Students have ‘Adopted A Trail’ with the Town of Oakville, which includes Joshua Creek and its surrounding marshland. As part of a year-round, integrated, and cross-curricular science programme, Glenburnie students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8, work collaboratively with the Town of Oakville to monitor and analyze the run-off effects on plants and wildlife in the marsh ecosystem. Water samples collected at the marsh are brought back to the classroom where they are analyzed and monitored. Essentially, Joshua Creek is an outdoor classroom for our students to gain an appreciation for the natural marsh habitats surrounding the Joshua Creek Marsh.

Halton’s ‘Greening of Schools’ Program
Glenburnie participates in the ‘greening of schools’ program, run by Conservation Halton, where they donate and plant a tree along the perimeter of the school playground area each year.

Greenhouse Project
Each spring, Glenburnie students plant seeds which are maintained in-class, then relocated to the School Greenhouse. In the spring, the young plants are transplanted into the Glenburnie garden. Vegetables are eventually harvested and donated to food shelters in the local community, while pumpkins are displayed throughout the school at Hallowe’en. Through this project, students learn how to grow their own vegetables while supporting the needs of others in the community.

Pay It Forward Projects
In Science classes, each student in Grade Eight undertakes a year-long environmental project that focuses on making a difference in either the local or international communities. Projects range from recycling programs (batteries, ink cartridges, and paper), tree planting, fundraising for charities, and collection programs (electronics, books). This project empowers our students with the knowledge of environmental issues, while challenging them to make a difference in the world around them.



United Way
Each year, Glenburnie students and staff plan a fun-filled week with many activities planned to raise funds for our annual United Way campaign. Funds raised go a long way towards assisting those in need in our community.

Terry Fox Run
In September, Glenburnie students and staff participate in the annual Terry Fox Run. Students and teachers run or walk around our school’s playing field, and take part in a loose change collection. In 2012, Glenburnie was awarded with a 5 year participation banner. 



Foster Children
Glenburnie School is a proud supporter of the Foster Parent Plan. During the month of February, it has become a school tradition to focus on the foster children we sponsor which are located in India, South Africa, and Colombia. The G.S.G. (Glenburnie Student Government) organizes Dress Down Days and sells ‘Cupid Grams’ to support this worthwhile program. In addition, as part of our Emotional Intelligence activities, students in Grades One to Six write letters to all of our foster children.

Food Drives
The G.S.G. organizes Food Drives at Thanksgiving and at Easter in support of Oakville’s Fareshare Food Bank. Donations ensure that the shelves of the local Food Bank remain well stocked for those in need.

Toy Drive
Each year, the G.S.G. organizes and co-ordinates a Christmas Toy Drive in support of Chum/City’s Christmas Wish fund. New, unwrapped toys are collected in December for distribution to less fortunate children in Southern Ontario.

Glenburnie students are encouraged to bring forward community outreach projects that hold special meaning for them. During the past few years, student-run projects have included popcan tab collection for wheelchairs, ‘Change Crusaders’ coin collection for the Hospital for Sick Children, hair donations to create wigs for cancer patients, and a milk bag collection for sleeping mats for Haiti, to name just a few.



The Oakville Spelling Bee of Canada
This April, Glenburnie School is again hosting the Oakville Spelling Bee of Canada. A number of our students have been strong competitors in this event.