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Glenburnie students participate in a wide range of sports opportunities during their Physical Education classes which assist in the development of fitness, game strategies, problem solving, and ball handling skills. Students who desire increased competition can sign up for the Intramural and Varsity sports.

Competitive opportunities further develop and test mental toughness and improve the ability to focus. Varsity team members work towards achieving personal and group goals, and enjoy competition with teams from other private schools. Positive personal attitudes (emotional intelligence) and values, which include caring, tenacity, and integrity, are modelled and reinforced.

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of Intramural sports which are offered to students in Grades 1 to 8. Participation is optional.

  • Intramurals take place during lunch recess periods and are held in the gymnasium
  • Five sports are played per year
  • Each sport runs for a 6 week period
  • Grade 1-3 intramural sports include Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer Baseball, Floor Hockey, and Capture the Flag
  • Grade 4-8 intramural sports include Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Floor Hockey, and Badminton
  • Grade 7-8 students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by overseeing/refereeing the intramural programme (with teacher assistance)

Varsity sports continue to build on the intramural experience. It is our objective that students learn and appreciate that mental toughness and focus in sport are fundamental requirements for membership in the ‘winner’s circle’.These skills will help our athletes in future endeavours.

Glenburnie School’s Varsity teams have been highly successful in the past, and have been awarded many championship titles over the years.


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  • Grade 3 – Cross Country
  • Grades 4 to 8 – Soccer, Cross Country, Floor Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Touch Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, and Three-Pitch
  • Try-outs are held for these teams
  • Practices are held before and after school

The Varsity Sports experience is highly competitive. Students develop additional skills in leadership, team building, game strategy, and receive support and guidance in the handling of challenges inherent in trying out for a team, and of winning or losing graciously.

* Grade 8 students receive leadership opportunities by helping to coach the Grade 4 Soccer varsity teams.