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Principal’s Message Februrary/March, 2017

January was a very busy month at Glenburnie!  Our students have kicked off the New Year with great enthusiasm.  Their day-to-day work, projects, and classroom activities have been meaningful and productive.  Students have been encouraged to set new academic and social goals, and to put their plan into action, to strive towards achieving their personal best.

Our recent events which took place over the last month were a tremendous success!  We were fortunate enough to have a snowy wintery day for our Outdoor Sports and Ski Day at Caledon.  Thank you to Ms. Roy for organizing such a wonderful day of activities for our Grade 3-8 students. 

With this being the month of Valentine’s Day, it reminds us of the importance of actively showing and telling our children how much we love them, how much we believe in them, and how much we support them.  As parents, it is equally important to teach our children to love themselves.  When children are able to love themselves, they are able to develop wholly and fully; their self-esteem and self-worth are directly related to self-love. 

As parents, educators, and role models, we too must demonstrate that we love ourselves. Our children watch us closely.  The best gift that you can offer them, is to model confidence through self-love and living a passionate life, staying true to your personal and family’s convictions. 

“Children are great imitators.  So give them something to imitate.  Nothing that you can teach them is more important than the love you can give them.” ~ Anonymous

I am pleased to report that our recent open house was a tremendous success! If you have popped into the school during the day, you may have noticed that I have been touring a number of prospective families through each division of the school.  As always, I am proud of our current students who are so warm and welcoming when visiting students join classes for their assessment day.  

Get your calendars out so that you can mark down the many activities which are outlined in this month’s newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s homeroom teacher, rotary teachers, or myself, if you would like to discuss your child’s progress, goals to date, or inquire about your child’s educational programming plans for next year.  Our commitment to excellence in education is paramount, and meeting your child’s academic, social, and emotional needs is our priority. 

Warmest regards,

Mrs. Melissa Meevis