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It has been our pleasure to welcome back all Glenburnie students and their families from March Break. We hope that everyone is refreshed and ready for a busy Spring season. There are many exciting events planned for the weeks ahead, which include: our Earth Day activities, hosting the Spelling Bee of Canada: Oakville Region, countdown to our spectacular theatrical production, Singin’ in the Rain, class field trips to Joshua’s Creek for field and stream scientific inquiry, and our ongoing academic cross-curricular learning and leadership opportunities, projects, activities, and more.  We have so many ways to celebrate the wonderful creative learning that is always in progress at Glenburnie!
As we enter the final semester for this academic school year, I challenge each and every student to make the most of every day and really take the time to enjoy the learning process, take risks, and try something new every day! 
Parents are encouraged to connect with your child’s teachers to follow-up on any goals that were set during the March interviews.  As always, both Mr. McCammon and I are pleased to meet with parents who wish to discuss their child’s academic, social, or emotional progress, or to speak further about plans for next year’s programming.
We are all looking forward to the warm, sunny weather which is on the way.  Have you started to make plans yet for the summer? Be sure to visit our School website to learn more about the wide variety of Summer Camps which are being offered this summer at Glenburnie School. 
Quote from Singin’ in the Rain:
“I’m laughin’ at clouds, so dark up above. 
The sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love”.

Remember to always keep on Singin’ in the Rain!
Warmest regards,
Mrs. Melissa  Meevis