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Glenburnie School’s Perimeter Improvements – Summer, 2014

Thank you to all Glenburnie parents for your patience and understanding with the roadway developments currently in progress along Upper Middle Road and Ninth Line.

The underground servicing work being done along Upper Middle Road will be completed soon, and will be followed by the perimeter improvements which will be created along the Glenburnie School frontage. 

These improvements will include: 

1) A landscaping treatment of a ledgestone retaining wall which will be built at the corner of Upper Middle Road and Ninth Line.

2) The installation of an attractive five foot high wrought iron fence that will continue along both the Upper Middle Road and Ninth Line frontages.

3) Landscape plantings, which Glenburnie will be upgrading to include spruce and maple trees, which will be planted along the proposed site.

4) The construction of continuous sidewalks and bikeways that will surround the school property.

The overall result will be an attractive, well groomed urban look, which will be complementary to the school grounds and the surrounding area.  Please see the image below.  Access to the Joshua Creek conservation area, which the school adopted several years ago, will be linked to the school by sidewalks for easier access for student field trips.