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Glenburnie Grade 8 Graduation Address – 2015

It is a pleasure to welcome parents, family members, guests, teachers, and graduating students to Glenburnie School’s Grade 8 Graduation Ceremonies this afternoon.

Congratulations to all of our Graduates on successfully reaching this latest milestone in your lives.  We are all very proud of each and every one of you, and today, we are here to celebrate your many successes.  Our teachers have shared their passion for their subject areas with you.  You have received the very best educational opportunities that can possibly be offered to you.

I am so very proud of our 2015 Glenburnie Graduates and look forward to the future, when each of you work your magic in your chosen fields, and in your life’s choices.

From this point onward, in your lives, you will experience a series of new beginnings; new beginnings in high school, in university, and in the workplace, – new beginnings with friendships and in exploring your many passions.

I have two messages I wish to leave with you this afternoon, on your final day of Grade 8.  Both messages are very simple, yet very powerful.

The first message is to accept yourself.  

Accept yourself for  the unique individual you are, and know that you have enough of everything you need to succeed in your life.

Your teachers and your parents know what you are capable of achieving, when you set your sights on accomplishing an objective.
We actually see more of what you are capable of, than many of you will allow yourself to see, or give yourself credit for.

The most important message that I would like you to take from this graduation celebration is that “It is not our belief in you that matters“, but it is “your own belief in yourself” that is most important.  Your belief in yourself, and in your appreciation for your own unique characteristics and individuality, will make a huge difference in your life and will help you to create the kind of world you wish to live in.

Now here is where the challenge begins.  You are moving into your High School years; years where there is a tremendous amount of peer pressure to conform and to be like everyone else.  There is tremendous pressure to dress, to talk, and to act in certain ways.

Trying to mold yourself into something you are not can feel quite uncomfortable, as you are denying who you really are!  It is also a tremendous waste of good energy!

Simply said, believe in yourself, because it is your uniqueness that makes you special!  Believe in your capabilities, follow your passions, and live your life to be the best that you can be.  You have enough of everything right now, at this very moment, to succeed in whatever the future holds for you.  

My second message is of paramount importance:  “Follow your excitement!”  “Follow your passion!”

When you act on your excitement or passion or joy, you are actually saying ‘Yes’ to opportunities that arise.  An opportunity can come as a thought, a chance meeting, or one of those “Why not?” discussions, or from an unexpected experience.

Some people may even notice that there is often a pattern of synchronicity, where two or three things happen just at the right time, to get your attention.

Watch for those opportunities that lie within the unexpected, the unplanned and the unwanted experiences.  They often happen for a reason, and are often a match for those unique characteristics you possess.

In my own life – when reflecting back – I realize that it was often the most challenging of circumstances which propelled me to follow my passion –  to get really excited about something –  to take action –  to move forward – to make changes – or move in an entirely different direction.  That is when one’s journey moves from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

When you act on your excitement or your passion, you are saying this is who you really are – and this energy leads you to the next exciting circumstance or stepping stone.

Demonstrating this by your behaviour, or by your belief in yourself, can actually activate a basic law of physics – This law states “what you send out, comes back to you”! 

Don’t get caught up sitting back and expecting something to play out in your favour, when you haven’t put forth any energy in that direction in the first place.  People have many excuses for not doing what they really would have liked to have done.  Don’t end up saying:  “I once had a dream to do ‘something’ but I was afraid to pursue it – or I could have been ‘that’ if I had only pushed myself.

Always remember that basic law of physics – “what you send out – comes back to you”.  So many people fail to excel because they simple chose not to put forth sufficient effort to follow an exciting possibility.

In Conclusion:

You have strong minds.  You are well trained.  You have a strong sense of fairness and compassion, good health, and a supportive family.  You live in a wonderful, peaceful county, you are healthy, attractive individuals, with your own unique gifts and talents – WOW – just how fortunate each of you are!

Right now, at this very moment – know that you have all the tools and talents, absolutely everything you need to meet any and all challenges in your life, and any challenges or opportunities you choose to take on.

Remember what makes you so special.

Remember to follow your passion, your excitement and your dreams – to be the very best person you can be, so that you can reach your full potential and succeed in whatever goals you set for yourself.

Know that anything is possible!

Honour yourself and your body.  Be kind to yourself.  Work towards creating balance in your life.

We are sending you off, our newest Graduates, on the next leg of your journey.
Come back and visit often – we love to hear about your successes.

You have unlimited potential to become the leaders our world desperately needs – we need your well trained, ethical minds.

We are sending you off into a world that is evolving, where you will be working with tools that haven’t been invented yet, and faced with challenges we can’t even imagine.

Your kindness, compassion, courage, and open hearts are what our world is waiting for……

Congratulations – we salute you, our 2015 Graduating Class!   YOU are well on your way…

Mrs. Sweet
Founder / Director Glenburnie  School