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Preparing for High School

At Glenburnie private school in Oakville, we take great pride in how well prepared our students are for their high school experience; academically, artistically, athletically, and socially.

Our graduates have received an enriched academic foundation which serves them well, not only in high school, but in post secondary schools, and beyond. They benefit also from our Emotional Intelligence training, and a strong foundation in The Arts, which provide opportunities to develop ‘their voice’, and the realization that individual efforts can make a difference. With a firm foundation in 21st Century executive skills, and an emphasis on public speaking, self-reliance, achievement, and adaptability, Glenburnie Graduates are well prepared to be strong leaders in tomorrow’s world.

Glenburnie Graduates excel in both public and private sector high schools. Many of our graduates return to visit their favourite teachers, reporting that we had prepared them well for the challenges in both their high school and university studies.

Public High Schools

For those graduates who elect to attend local, public high schools, many achieve over 80% in their courses of study. Our talented graduates have also been selected to study at specialty high schools for The Arts, Sciences, and Business and Technology.

Great 7 and 8 Science Private High Schools 

Glenburnie Graduates have been traditionally accepted by all of the private high schools of their choice throughout Ontario, North America, and overseas. The most gifted have been awarded admission scholarships. Registrars from Ontario private high schools have remarked on how impressed they have been with the level of accomplishment of our students across the various subject areas, and how well our Glenburnie students respond in admission interviews. Local private high schools include those listed in the http://educationoakville.com/ website.

Over the years we have received comments from high school teachers who have worked with our grads. The common thread is always how well prepared our graduates are, and that they stand out among their classmates in their independent and analytical thinking, their empathy, and their broad knowledge base.

At Glenburnie we take great pride in effectively preparing our students to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century workplace.