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Our Student Profile

Glenburnie welcomes students who are able to function at the average to high average or gifted range of academic abilities, and who are willing to become partners in their education to achieve at higher levels in their studies.

Our students appreciate opportunities to make their own choices, and thrive on discovering new talents and expanding their skills through the wide range of creative opportunities such as ‘the Arts’, intramural and varsity sports, and technology. Our students feel comfortable risk-taking in learning and applying new concepts to real-life situations in a supportive learning environment.

Many students at Glenburnie regularly achieve well above traditional grade level expectations, which are confirmed through yearly standardized testing. Our objective is for students to be confident and capable individuals who will develop high proficiency with the 21st Century skills integrated throughout the curriculum.

Students with strong visual and tactile learning styles thrive in this enriched learning environment, which accommodates students working at individual levels of achievement. Our faster paced learning environment relies upon a strong student work ethic and responsibilty, therefore, it is not suitable for students with learning disabilities or behavioural issues.

Glenburnie Graduates stand out among their peers for their broad-based knowledge, their strong interpersonal skills, and for their sensitivity to the needs of others.

Students joining Glenburnie School may find it beneficial to enrol in our Academic Summer Camp, and extend their basic skills in Language and Mathematics.