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Glenburnie Story

Glenburnie Private School, an independent school founded in 1985, is located in Oakville, Ontario. Our Philosophy is based on the belief that the educational potential of children could be substantially enhanced in a creative, stimulating, supportive and individualized setting.

Curriculum content, educational approach, and school environment have continued to be reflective of recent research on the most effective approaches in enhancing student learning. High emphasis is placed on the development of 21st Century skills.

The ‘pioneering’ parent of the first Glenburnie student in September 1985 was herself a teacher and, to this day, a substantial number of Glenburnie parents are professional educators. From that first student, Glenburnie School has grown to a full service educational facility serving children from Early Years to Grade Eight.

The original building on the Oakville site was constructed as a family home by a Swedish gentleman who immigrated to Canada in search of an improved educational system for his son. The architecture of the present school reflects this heritage, providing a scale and warmth conducive to the Glenburnie educational program. The clock tower incorporates a historic school bell donated by a Glenburnie family.

Current facilities accommodate 200 students and staff, and include a full size Gymnasium, Science Lab, as well as specialty studio rooms for Art, Drama, and Music.

Technology is evident throughout the school: Library-Multimedia Centre, computer labs, portable and fixed computer stations, iPads, Smart Boards, and computers in every classroom to enhance curriculum applications and student activities.

Among the outdoor amenities are primary and junior creative playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields, an outdoor classroom, an organic garden and greenhouse.

It has been said that a school consists of four walls with the future inside. Glenburnie’s growth has involved much more than buildings; it has involved setting the foundation for lifelong learning, self-reliance and leadership among our students, and a highly satisfying process for our educational team, students and their parents. At Glenburnie, our primary educational focus develops a versatility and adaptability, and an effective skill set to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.