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Glenburnie Philosophy

Today’s Children

SK scienceChildren today are being raised in an increasingly fast paced, technological world, vastly more complex world than their parents did more than two decades ago.

Glenburnie students display intelligence, intuitiveness, and wisdom beyond their years and want to have input into decisions that affect them. Students appreciate opportunities to make their own choices; however, they greatly benefit from having guidance and structure in their lives.

Today’s students have a strong sense of confidence and entitlement, demonstrating high energy and often a fiery determination to do things in a better way. Students respond well to nurturing role models who act with integrity, treating all with dignity and respect. Students seek truth and effective tools to prepare them to become global citizens and leaders in tomorrow’s world.

Our Philosophy

Glenburnie School’s active, child-centred education connects Primarytheory and practice in ways that are relevant and meaningful to students. Students work in a warm, supportive environment. Teachers teach with the various learning styles in mind, and differentiate lessons according to individual needs.

The end objectives of a Glenburnie Education are:

a) to provide students with an exceptional, enriched, broad-based educational programme in academic studies, economics, technology, sports and competition, the Arts (instrumental/vocal/choral music, drama, and visual arts) and French language instruction

b) to help students discover and celebrate their unique talents and abilities

c) to provide students with experiential opportunities to develop 21st Century skills and strategies necessary to effectively meet the challenges they will face in their lives and in their future workplace

d) to guide students to recognize and understand their own core values and how these values come into play in their reasoning, relationships, and subsequent decision making.

e) to guide students to find their place as happy, confident, and productive members of society.