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Glenburnie Private School is proud of its outstanding faculty of professional men and women, who share their individual passions for literature, mathematics, science, art, music, drama, technology, French, and athletics. This community of educators leads by example, participating in all aspects of student life.

At Glenburnie, our educators are measured, not only by their professional qualifications and university degrees, but also for their ability to continuously enrich and enhance student learning. To this end, they participate in ongoing professional development activities and outside conferences. Our dedicated staff encourage individuality, self-discipline, persistence, and integrity to help all students achieve at their fullest potential. 









 Mrs. Linda Sweet
Founder and Director


 Mrs. Melissa Meevis
Joined 1999


Mr. Sean McCammon
Vice Principal
Joined 2001 

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 Mrs. Sheryl Broomhead
Resource Manager
Joined 1999


Ms. Judie Roy
Program Co-ordinator
Joined 2001 


Mr. Shawn Gilchrist
Joined 2016 

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 Mrs. Karen Langill
Registrar, Library, E.I.
Joined 2009


Ms. Karen Taylor
Office, C.T., French
Joined 2016 



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Mrs. Christine Johnston
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Joined 2004


Mrs. Sally MacKay
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Joined 2005


Mrs. Lisa Jones
Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Joined 1999 

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 Ms. Denise McIntosh
Senior Kindergarten Teacher
Joined 2007 


 Mrs. Lindsay Lapos
Grade One Teacher
Joined 2011


 Mrs. Michelle Doll
Grade One Teacher
Joined 2017 

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 Mrs. Bonnie Dey
Grade Two Teacher
Joined 2001


 Mrs. Kerri Bejaoui
Grade Three Teacher
Joined 2004 


 Mrs. Erin Barton
Grade Four Teacher
Joined 2006 

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  Mrs. Beverley Sauro
Grade Five Teacher
Joined 2004


 Mr. Alan Rickels
Grade Six Homeroom
& History
Joined 2000 


 Mrs. Lesley Cartwright
Grade Seven Homeroom
& Math
Joined 1997 

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 Mrs. Barbara Hewitt
Grade Eight Homeroom
& Art
Joined 2000


 Mrs. Linda McMahon
Grade Eight Homeroom,
Language Arts, & Spec. Ed.
Joined 2000 


 Mlle. Marline Felestin
Joined 2016 

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Mr. Christian Archer
Music & Drama
Joined 2017


 Mr. Keith Reinhart
Phys. Ed. & Economics
Joined 2017 


 Mr. Jamie Arnott
Science, Phys.Ed. & Health
Joined 2001

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  Miss. Cindy Tom
Computer Technology
Joined 2017


 Mrs. Michaela Pilipovic
E.L.L. Coordinator
Joined 2017