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21st Century Skills

Smartboards in Every ClassroomThe Glenburnie School approach to education has two complementary themes: 21st Century Skills and Core Value Awareness.

The 21st Century Skills developed through curriculum applications are:

  1. Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Emotional Intelligence Awareness
  4. Intellectual Curiosity
  5. Communication Skills – Oral and Written
  6. Economics and Global Awareness

*Computer and technological opportunities and applications are integrated into all aspects of student programming, activity and assignments.


Glenburnie’s Emotional Intelligence Program

Thinking and Learning with Awareness’ – Character Development/Core Values

At Glenburnie everyone is treated with dignity and respect. A student’s unique talents and ‘gifts’ are encouraged and successes celebrated.

The Awareness Program includes both Organizational Skill Training and Emotional Intelligence activities which are taught at all grade levels. Students become more ‘aware’ of their own core values, of their emotions and feelings, and the power of making choices with greater understanding.

For Example: What were Craig Kielburger’s core values which motivated his decision to found ‘Free the Children’, an international organization dedicated to defending children’s rights?

How have his core values evolved or changed as his role in this organization has expanded?

These types of questions are asked at Glenburnie School, where discussions on core values are integrated into curriculum studies from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Core values include qualities that reflect the following:

  • Character development
  • Personal responsibility
  • Integrity

At Glenburnie, teachers go deeper to guide their students to develop a stronger understanding of themselves and others, which in turn provides a sound foundation for making effective decisions.