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The landscape of education is changing. 

Glenburnie is recognized for its progressive approach to scienceeducating the whole child. Our professional teachers provide an integrated, individualized approach to curriculum studies. Lessons accommodate individual learning styles. Leading educational approaches  are modeled in our classrooms, and students are guided to ‘work smart’, utilizing current educational tools and materials.

At Glenburnie School, we recognize that each child is an individual, with a unique background of experiences and talents. Our classrooms are creative workplaces, where students are supported and encouraged to apply new concepts and ideas in practical applications. Student creativity, innovation, and progress are celebrated, and students gain confidence in their developing skills. When a learning environment is creative, stimulating, and challenging, exciting things happen!

Our focus is on the development of effective 21st Century skills, sound work habits, and strong core values for our students to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world. These skills combined with a strong sense of self-reliance, achievement, and adaptability, a firm foundation is set for life-long learning.

We invite you to discover the various elements that make Glenburnie School a leader in progressive education.