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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities
The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 AODA sets out the roadmap to make Ontario accessible by 2025.Under this act, accessibility standards are being developed and implemented to break down barriers in key areas of everyday life. These standards will increase accessibility for people with disabilities in the areas of customer service.
Glenburnie School promotes a caring and inclusive environment where it is important that services and facilities are available to all students, staff and members of the public, including those with disabilities.
Disabilities can take many forms. They may be permanent or temporary; developmental or physical; severe or mild; for the young or the old; or any combination of disabilities. A person can be born with a disability or someone could become injured resulting in a temporary or permanent disability. Some disabilities are visible and many are non-visible.
Chances are either you or someone in your family, someone you work with or one of your friends has some sort of disability. Every one of us is touched by accessibility or will be at some point in our lives. Approximately 1.85 million people in Ontario have disabilities.


Policies & Standards
AODA Policy & Questionnaire
Customer Service Policy
Customer Service Training

Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy
Integrated Accessibility Standards Training
Employment Safety & Emergency Planning
Employee Safety Information Worksheet
Individualized Employee Safety & Emergency Response Information 

Accessibility of Information
Employment policy

Multi Year Plan