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Welcome to the Best Private School in Oakville

Glenburnie School is recognized as a leader in progressive and innovative education. We strive to meet the academic, social, and individual needs of today’s students, who are encouraged to achieve at their own personal best.

Children today are being raised in a much different world than their parents. It is critical to their future success that they develop strong 21st Century skills which include leadership, analytical thinking, personal, and global awareness.

Glenburnie’s dedicated, passionate educators provide an exceptional academic education for their students, which incorporates a strong arts programme, (instrumental music, visual arts, drama), and an expansive sports programme, (varsity and intramural activities).

At Glenburnie, we actively integrate current brain‐based research in quantum physics and the neurosciences, to provide an optimal physical and educational learning environment. Studies in economics, emotional intelligence, De Bono’s analytical thinking, and enriched education begin in Pre‐Kindergarten and are integrated throughout our curriculum up to, and including Grade 8.

We celebrate the many achievements of our students, as partners in their education. Students find the learning challenges at Glenburnie to be intellectually stimulating, fun, and personally rewarding. Glenburnie graduates are welcomed and excel at any high school of their choice, locally, nationally, and internationally.


Tuition information is below.

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We are pleased to accept Interac, Mastercard, and Visa for tuition payment.


 The goal of Glenburnie Private School is to ensure that the proposed placement will be in the best interests of the student, as well as to meet the educational and performance expectations of the parents.

We welcome students who are average or above average in ability, who have the potential to meet more consistent and/or higher achievement levels.

Students must be within the average range of acceptable behaviours, and have a willingness to meet teachers half-way in the educative process.

The typical admission procedures:

1. Parents are invited to schedule a tour of the school and its facilities.

2. For parents who wish additional information on curriculum or routines, or who have specific areas they would like to discuss regarding their child’s placement at Glenburnie, an appointment will be booked. Present and past student report cards are requested for review.

3. For those parents who wish to proceed with registration for a placement for Preschool to Grade 8, a date for a classroom visit and student evaluation will be scheduled. Visiting students will join classes at their present grade level and will be expected to take part in all classroom activities, where appropriate. For Preschool students, a half-day classroom visit will coincide with an individual screening.

4. Prior to the classroom visit, the following must be submitted:

  • copies of present and past year’s report cards, if not already on file
  • a photocopy of the student’s Birth Certificate
  • completed Admission Application and Health History forms
  • The ‘Confidential Report Form’ must be received from the student’s present school.

5. When the school has received the above items, a classroom visit and follow-up interview at the end of the day will be scheduled.

6. Upon acceptance of the student, a recent family photograph will be required in order to complete the application process.

7. For further clarification, please contact the School Administration Office.

Application Forms:
A completed application for admission to Glenburnie School must include the following forms:

Admission Application

You may obtain these forms from the School Administration Office. Alternatively, you can view / print / download these forms directly from this website, by clicking on the highlighted Admission Application form name above, which contains the entire forms package.

Below you will find the Glenburnie Private School uniform requirements.

You can also visit our uniform supplier website InSchoolwear for more information.

Pre-Kindergarten Uniform
white polo shirt
grey dress pants with elastic waist
burgundy sweatpant
burgundy jacket with buttons or burgundy v-neck pullover
dark grey ankle/knee socks or leotards
white running shoes with non-marking soles
black polishable leather dress shoes (non-marking soles)
(no buckles, suede, or patent leather)
burgundy shorts (opt.)
burgundy skort (opt.)
Glenburnie blanket (opt.)

Junior and Senior Kindergarten Uniform
white polo shirt
burgundy v-neck pullover sweater, long-sleeved
grey dress pants (opt. for girls)
grey tunic
dark grey ankle/knee socks or leotards
black polishable leather dress shoes (non-marking soles)
(no buckles, suede, or patent leather)
white running shoes with non-marking soles

Grade 1 to 8 Uniform
burgundy crested blazer
school tie
burgundy v-neck pullover sweater, long sleeved
white dress shirt, long sleeved
grey dress pants (opt. for girls)
grey tunic ( Girls: Grade 1 to 3 )
plaid kilt ( Girls: Grade 4 to 8 )
dark grey ankle/knee socks or leotards
black polishable leather dress shoes (non-marking soles)
(no buckles, suede, or patent leather)
white dress shirt, short sleeved (opt.)
white ¾ sleeve blouse (opt.) Gr. 5-8
grey shorts (opt.)

Gym Clothing ( Grade 1 to 8 )
burgundy shorts
grey crested t-shirt (boys and girls)
burgundy sweatpant
burgundy hooded sweatshirt, with/without zipper
white running shoes with non-marking soles
white socks
Girls’ grey v-neck t-shirt (opt.) Gr. 5-8
warm-up ‘Stinger’ suit (opt.)