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Back To School – Preparation Is Everything!

Back to school season is upon us and families are beginning to prepare for the excitement of a brand new school year. Newspaper and media ads are now featuring back to school sales including ads for backpacks, notebooks, computers, and more. The spirit of optimism is imbedded in new beginnings.

The following points will be instrumental in helping to get your child off to a great start this September:

Reflection – Reflection and goal setting discussions provide parents and their children with an excellent foundation for approaching the new school year. Review with your child the following points: What worked best for you last year? What were your greatest successes? What were your greatest challenges? What can we do to help you achieve at your personal best level? What ‘at home’ materials do you need to do your homework and projects?

Goal Setting – Help your child to set personal and academic goals for the new school year. Goal setting could include improved study habits or organizational skills, aiming for specific achievements or awards, and making new friends. Helping or guiding your child to establish realistic goals or objectives will go a long way to determining his/her future success. It will also ensure that your child knows that they have your complete support. When students have an influence on the direction they take, they assume greater ownership on how they choose to meet the challenges the school year will bring.

In addition, it is always important to have your child’s eyes and ears checked as an undiagnosed sight or hearing deficit can lead to undue stress and needless delays in academic skill development. Daily reading practice and review of math facts will help to dust off the cobwebs of the mind and bring your child up to speed for the first classes in September.

When you help your child to prepare for a new year of learning, the greatest message you are sending is that you love them, and will be there to support them. Children who arrive at school on the first day, secure with the knowledge that they are loved and supported by their parents, and are treated with dignity and respect by their new teacher, have all the fundamental foundations in place. The magic and excitement of learning can now begin!

Linda Sweet M.S. Ed.
Founder and Director, Glenburnie School
Pre-School to Grade 8
Providing an progressive and innovative private school education.