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Appleby Grade 9 Early Admission Program


Student Qualification Criteria

Glenburnie students who meet the following qualifying criteria will be eligible to receive early admission into Grade 9/Upper 1 at Appleby College for the September 2016, September 2017 and September 2018 school years.

  • Students must be enrolled in Grade 8 at Glenburnie as of the first day of school in 2015, 2016 and 2017;
  • Students must have completed Grade 7 at Glenburnie having participated in a rigorous academic curriculum and achieved an overall average of 85 percent or better;
  • Students must be a full and positive participant in the overall school curriculum both inside and outside of the classroom;
  • Students must have fully adhered to Glenburnie’s Student Code of Conduct.

Early Admission Benefits

Students who receive early admission to Appleby will benefit in several ways including;

  • The students will not have to write the Secondary School Acceptance Test (SSAT);
  • The students will not have to pay the $200 application fee;
  • The students will have early access to financial assistance if required;
  • The students will be advised of their formal acceptance as early as December 15 of each successive year of the program.

Student and Family Requirements

Students will be required to either complete or adhere to the following requirements in order to maintain their offer of early admission.  Failure to complete any of these requirements will void the offer of early admission;

  • Students and families will be required to complete Appleby’s on-line application form;
  • Students and their families will need to schedule an interview with an Appleby College Admissions Counselor prior to the formal offer of admission being extended;
  • Students and their families will need to have a ‘Confidential School Report’ completed and returned to Appleby College.
  • Students will need to maintain high academic standing with an overall average of 80 percent or better through their first grade 8 reporting period;
  • Students will need to submit their report cards for the previous year;
  • Students will need to maintain good conduct as outlined by the Glenburnie School Student Code of Conduct and the Appleby Code of Conduct.