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International and E.S.L./E.L.L. Students Policy

The Glenburnie School community has enjoyed the experience of welcoming international students from countries throughout the world and look forward to further opportunities in the future.


• Glenburnie School offers tours for all prospective parents wanting private education for their children. An appointment can be made via phone or email. If possible, a visiting day will be arranged for the student to assess their abilities. Previous school report cards will also be required.
• All students unable to attend a visiting day will be interviewed by us via digital media, i.e. Skype, to determine the level of language ability, strengths, and weaknesses, etc.
• A limited number of places are offered for full/part year students who require an integrated program with additional ESL/ELL support and programming.
• The number of places offered will be dependent on the number of ESL/ELL students already registered at Glenburnie School.
• Glenburnie School has a uniform which must be worn by all students – part time students will receive a customized uniform list.


• Additional fees will be required for those international students requiring an integrated ESL/ELL program and support:
- ESL/ELL fees will be the same daily rate for all ESL/ELL students – long and short term
- ESL/ELL program fees for 2017/2018 will be $150 per day or $25,500 per academic year, per student.
- Costs for uniform, overnight trips, Before and After School program, lunches, electives/clubs are not included.
- Sibling discounts will apply where appropriate.
- Enquiries regarding tuition fees should be directed to the Finance Office at the School.


• All full year applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis and should be received by the school by June 1st, prior to the start of the new school year. Please note: Re-registrations for current and incoming students begin in January for the next academic school year.
• All part time applications (for a minimum of 2 weeks) will be reviewed on an on-going basis, dependent on availability of spaces.


• After acceptance, all fees and pertinent information must be received within 2 weeks of our offer for the child to attend Glenburnie School and for a Letter of Acceptance to be issued.
• All students will be assessed by us, prior to their start date, to determine the level of language, reading and oral ability, for support and programming purposes.
• An ESL/ELL specialist will oversee the assessment, academic programming and materials required for each student to ensure a strong, positive experience for the students and staff.


• Glenburnie School will work with agents of our choice and where vacancies within the school permit. An agent’s commission will be added to each student’s invoice.