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Leap Ahead High School credit program

E-School High School Credits OakvilleWhile attending Glenburnie School, Grade Eight students can get a head start on their High School studies and complete one or more Grade Nine credits through the Canada eSchool High School credit program. These High School credits are recognized worldwide, and will be formally credited in the student’s Ontario Student Record.

Glenburnie School’s ‘Leap Ahead’ supervised program of on-line study is available to identified students in Grade Eight. This program provides students who demonstrate a ‘teacher assessed’ aptitude for a specific subject with the opportunity to undertake one or more Grade Nine academic subjects.

Students and parents who are interested in this program should approach both the subject teacher and the principal as early in each semester as possible. The Leap Ahead program is a completely independent study program for advanced students. Students who are working on Grade Nine credits are still expected to attend all classes at Glenburnie School. These studies would be completed in the classroom as per the directions of the subject teacher or during supervised library times, and at home.

To learn more, contact Mr. Sean McCammon, Vice-Principal, at: smccammon@glenburnieschool.com or call (905) 338-6236.