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The Glenburnie View

Oakville’s Glenburnie Private School provides a dynamic, supportive and motivating environment for students to learn new concepts and skills, and to explore and share their ideas, and to engage in discussions and debates.

All homeroom classrooms are bright and colourful, each with large windows for natural day lighting. Classrooms are well equipped with student materials, labs, and hands-on manipulates. Full spectrum overhead lighting has been installed throughout the school for physical comfort and improved productivity.

In this fast paced ‘adult’ world, it is important that children are allowed to experience a childhood filled with exploration, expansiveness, and challenge. The end objective of a balanced and enriched education is to guide students toward finding their passions and to discover their ‘voice’ so they may effectively take their place in the world as productive members of society, and as custodians of their world and its resources.