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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Most would agree that ‘initiative’ is the core value to be encouraged and rewarded. In today’s busy world, for parents and teachers, compliance is generally more highly valued as  it makes our lives easier, leads to predictable outcomes, and doesn’t interrupt the flow of activity.  It is interesting how adults unconsciously encourage compliance in their day to day interactions.  When a child proposes a new approach or initiative, 95% of the time, the answer will be NO!  A YES answer means that you have to ...

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It has been our pleasure to welcome back all Glenburnie students and their families from March Break. We hope that everyone is refreshed and ready for a busy Spring season at Glenburnie School. There are many exciting events planned for the weeks ahead, which include: our Earth Day activities, hosting the Spelling Bee of Canada: Oakville Region, countdown to our spectacular theatrical production, Aladdin, class field trips to Joshua Creek for field and stream scientific inquiry, and our ongoing academic cross-curricular ...

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