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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The final few days of summer vacation can be a wonderful opportunity to talk with your children about their expectations and any concerns that they might have over starting a new school year.  One thing that is unique for children and teachers, is that September presents an opportunity for new beginnings, which comes with a spirit of optimism, opportunity, and great anticipation. Discuss goals for the new school year with your child, and make a list of strategies to address any concerns he/she may have about teachers, ...

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Recently a student presented me with a delightful book about a father and his daughter’s ‘reading streak’ - a commitment to read aloud together each evening for one thousand days.  This novel served as a wonderful reminder of the importance of building a strong relationship with your child.  In The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma, her father discovered that jointly reading together provided him with a special vehicle for this relationship to flourish.  Initiating a ‘reading streak’ of your own, might be fun ...

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