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Monthly Archives: June 2012

May the New Year be filled with wellness, joyfulness, inspiration, and opportunity!  The new year offers adults an opportunity for new beginnings in much the same way that September does for children returning to a new school year. It is interesting just how many people would like to see some change in their family’s lives for the New Year, yet at the same time, are unwilling to make the effort to develop a plan for change.  Change can be uncomfortable, and perhaps that is why best intentions get derailed very ...

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With the children home for the Christmas Vacation, this is a wonderful opportunity to re-establish and model your family values, including love, friendship, family and community.  In our busy fast paced society we can easily get caught up in daily pressures of providing for ourselves and our children, and lose track of what is truly important and at the core of everything we work so hard for.  While Christmas festivities bring a last minute flurry of preparations, they also provide a special opportunity to come to a ...

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