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Monthly Archives: June 2012

There are many components to experiencing a successful school year beyond having the ‘right’ teacher and all of your child’s best friends in their class. A new school year provides a wonderful opportunity for new beginnings, and a fresh start in developing greater expertise with the development of curriculum concepts and skills. The new school year is also about learning how to meet new challenges, and the further development of social and interpersonal skills. Although it has been said that ‘90 percent of ...

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Back to school season is upon us and families are beginning to prepare for the excitement of a brand new school year. Newspaper and media ads are now featuring back to school sales including ads for backpacks, notebooks, computers, and more. The spirit of optimism is imbedded in new beginnings. The following points will be instrumental in helping to get your child off to a great start this September: Reflection – Reflection and goal setting discussions provide parents and their children with an excellent foundation ...

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