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The Glenburnie Education – Key Points

At Glenburnie our primary objective is to effectively prepare our students with the wisdom and the 21st Century tools to meet the challenges in an increasingly competitive and changing world.

Glenburnie provides an exceptional and enriched foundation of academic concepts and skills which meet and in many cases exceed the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Guidelines.

Glenburnie welcomes students who function from the average, to gifted levels and whose behaviours are not disruptive to the learning of others. Students are expected to achieve at their personal ...

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Summer Camp
Join us for one, two, three, or four weeks of summer learning and fun-filled adventures in Oakville. July 7 to August 1 

Upcoming Events

Play Day (PK - Grade 3)
June 2

Parent Appreciation Reception
June 5  2:30 - 4 p.m.

Run4Change @ Shell Park
June 9 @ 6:30 p.m. 

Did You Know?

The July/August, 2013 Costco Connection magazine featured an article written by Mrs. Sweet regarding the importance of teaching cursive writing in schools. http://bit.ly/1dPduFB